Barclays Capitol Building - London

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Renovation of Steelwork in Plant Area and New Structural Steels with Access Platforms

Barclays Capitol Building located in the South Colonnade at Canary Wharf in London.

Renovation of Existing Steelwork

Despite the original steels only being 20 years old, due to the location on the roof and the exposure to the elements they had become extremely corroded and in a very poor state. HDM successfully restored over 700s/m’s with the following process:

  • Removal of existing paint layers
  • Removal of loose rust and preparing the surface with an angle grinder
  • Numerous treatments of OWATROL OIL to the surface to prevent future corrosion
  • Primer layers applied using OWATROL Anti-corrosive Primer.
  • 2 coats of white gloss paint .
Heavily corroded existing Steel Beams
A plan view of additional structural steels to support Chiller Plant Units

Additional Steels to support New Chiller Plant

In order to accommodate the new chiller units additional steel sections were required to span between the large existing beams to provide a suitable structure. Working closely with the project Engineer, HDM managed to design and install the new steels within the available window of time before the Crane arrived to lift in the new plant.

New Access Stairs and Chiller Deck Level

Once the New Chillers were successfully moved into position, HDM began installing the following items to provide a safe and suitable access area for servicing the plant:

  • Galvanised Access Stairs and Balustrade
  • W100 Galvanised Floor Grating
  • Safety barriers and kicker plates
  • A Lifting beam with suitable hoist and trolley

A view of the lifting beam, hoist and trolley

A view of the galvanised Access Stairs and Balustrade to access the Plant Room deck

New Upper Galvanised Access Deck / Air Deflector

Newly designed upper access platform and air deflection panels for the chiller units

With the original intention of placing galvanised enclosures individually around each chiller to act as air deflection causing issues with access to the chillers, HDM were asked to design an alternative which would provide the necessary air deflection, but also allow for easy access for service and maintenance work to be carried out to the plant. We designed a galvanised structure with a solid aluminium plate surface to provide the necessary air deflection, with grating over the top for a safe platform. The sides of the upper deck have additional 2m aluminium panels for air deflection with sliding doors for access and a double sliding door below the lifting beam for maintenance works to the top of the Chiller units.