Concept Art & Design

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Sometimes it can be very difficult to visualize a design idea of a bespoke item and this can be a worrying factor if you are not 100% sure if the end result will be the desired one. This problem can be resolved cost effectively by combining our experience and knowledge of all types of steelwork design with our in-house modeling skills to create a realistic view of the fabricated item for our clients approval.

The ability to model an item in 3D also gives us an opportunity to test the functionality of a concept, and proves vital when working with complex angles, allowing us to take on projects that would normally be to complicated for many steelwork companies to take on. 2D drawings in certain cases do not provide all the necessary information for a fabricator to work from The process and cost of outsourcing a design team to covert a 2D drawing or sketch into an accurate working 3D model that can then be used for dimensioning for fabricated components can sometimes cost almost as much as the items themselves. Having this in-house service can make the project faster and a lot more affordable as well as offering valuable peace of mind to our clients.

3D Concept Art of the Staircase Design

More examples of concept art to help demonstrate steelwork designs to our clients

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